insurance company plaque, 3d renderingAffordable Burial Insurance

Many of us need a way to pay for final funeral and expense arrangements.  Now there is a simplified, low-hassle, low-priced insurance optionAs the average funeral now costs $7000-10,000,knowing that your plan will cover the funeral service, cemetery plot, headstone and casket can be of great relief. Policy proceeds may also pay off other final expenses like medical bills. The benefits of burial insurance make it an enticing alternative to traditional life insurance coverage.

Major advantages include:

Easy underwriting requirements

  • Applicants aren’t required to take a medical examination. No medical screening!
  • Fewer questions are asked (which means less information for you to provide).
  • Quicker to process—sometimes in as little as one week—compared to an underwritten life insurance policy.


  • Policy holders enjoy low monthly premiums.
  • Most policies are under $50,000 and the remainder are usually under $100,000.

Peace of mind

  • Premiums and protection are normally guaranteed until age 100.
  • Premiums typically remain constant, as does the amount of the death benefit in most cases.
  • Burial insurance offers a guaranteed payout.

By electing to have burial insurance, you can gain peace of mind, knowing that you’ve been responsible. And your survivors won’t have to be burdened with financial matters during a difficult time in their lives.