Getting Ready for RetirementAs much as everyone would like it, money does not grow on trees and retirement with financial security doesn’t just happen either.  Retirement takes planning, commitment and money.  If you haven’t started yet, start saving.  Even if it is a small amount, that money will grow.  Make saving for retirement a priority on your list, it is never too early or too late to start saving.

Retirement is expensive and you need to know your retirement needs.  Experts have estimated that most people will need at least 70 percent of your preretirement income to maintain the standard of living that you have when you stop working.  If your employer offers a retirement savings plan, sign up and contribute all that you can.  Over time, the money that you put into that plan will gain interest and accumulate more.

The most important thing to remember when saving for retirement is not to touch it.  Whether you are saving through a 401K or an IRA, that money will not gain interest or give you tax benefits if you use it.  Saving for retirement is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, so sit back, relax and save your money.