This is a question that you will often hear from many parents and young adults.  The answer is simple:  it is never too early to get life insurance.  Purchasing life insurance at a young and healthy age is the best way to ensure that you have life insurance protection throughout your life.  Whole life and term life insurance can be purchased at low rates for children and young adults.

Buying life insurance when you’re young can help pay for your final expenses if you unexpectedly pass away.  Rather than worry about your final expenses, you family will have the financial support necessary so they can focus on the healing process.

Young adults that are in college and have backed up student loans should consider at least buying term life insurance.  If you pass away, the financial burden of student loans fall to parents or siblings.  Having term life insurance coverage can protect your family from having to pay all your debts.

In general, buying life insurance at a young age can protect your family from the financial burden and can ensure that you have financial protection throughout your lifetime.