All about life insuranceLike so many other things, life insurance can often be misunderstood.  When things are misunderstood, myths are started.  The only way to clear up a myth is to debunk it completely.

Here are a few myths about life insurance

  • Healthy people don’t need life insurance.

This all too common myth can lead to costly mistakes.  Life insurance is easy to secure and highly affordable if you purchase it when you’re young and healthy.  If you wait to purchase until after you’ve become ill, you will most like receive high premiums or be unable to purchase it at all.  Compare rates today to save later on.

Many people under-estimate the cost of final expenses, medical bills, estate taxes and other debt they leave behind and many families have been left in financial ruin.  Rather than leave your family in a tough financial situation, plan ahead and get life insurance.

  • Wait to buy life insurance until you really need it.

This myth is very similar to the first myth, but many consumers are under the assumption that they should just wait until they need life insurance to purchase it.  Don’t put off buying life insurance for any reason, you’d be surprised to learn how affordable coverage can be.