No Cost Policy Review

It’s very common for us to save you money after reviewing your current coverage/s and analyzing different ways you could maintain the same amounts of coverage with a lower premium.

This can be achieved many ways: Some times the current plan you have is just simply out of date and there are less expensive options available which provide the same or even more coverage for a similar of less price. Other times we can use term layering to help achieve a lower premium while targeting what your real needs are for the insurance. Some times by combining all your many small insurances into one plan we can save 20-30% by receiving break points in the insurance which effectively means you bought a large enough amount to get a discount. Like $250,000 or $500,000 etc. We also find that after review, the plan you currently have may not be exactly what you thought you purchased. For example; maybe it’s not a permanent plan like you thought, maybe the premium is not guaranteed to stay at the current premium and maybe it only pays if by result of an accident, NOT sickness, old age or major health. Possibly you wanted a cash building plan but only have a term. What ever the situation, it can never hurt to have a check up from time to time. We normally suggest every couple years or whenever there is a major financial change. For Example: (Nice Raise, New Child, New Home etc…) Whatever your need may be, we will be happy to share some tips or ideas on how to get the best value and right amount of coverage for your hard earned dollars.

Remember, you have to make these changes now, while you are still alive, once something has happened your family has what they have and any desired changes at that point would NOT be allowed. Again, we charge ($ ZERO -0- ) to review you current plan and ($ ZERO -0- ) for any suggestions. Get your peace of mind today!

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