Early retirement may seem impossible, but for some savers, their dreams are becoming a reality.  Early retirement depends all upon how much you can save while you’re working.  Even if you think you’re too late for early retirement, you can still improve your retirement finances with these strategies.

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Learn More About Saving For Retirement

How soon you can retire, depends how much you can save out of your take home pay.  If you save 15 percent of your take home, you will be able to retire in about 45 years.  If you’re able to save 30 percent of your take home, it will take about 30 years to retire.  If you’re a diligent saver, if you can save 50 percent of your take home, you can retire in as little as 20 years.

Early retirees shun some expenses, such as cable or cell phones.  They also eat out less, and spend less on transportation.  When it comes to retiring early, the more you save, the more the amount saved increases with savings rates.  The nest egg that you’ve built also benefits from compounding of investment returns, which all leads to living comfortably during retirement.  Don’t delay it anymore, and start saving today.

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