Life insurance is an important part of financial planning.  Understanding insurance and buying the right policy can be difficult if you don’t know what policy you need.

Tips on Buying Life InsuranceHere are some tips on how to choose the right life insurance policy:

-Understand your needs

Only you know what your financial situation is.  Decide how much protection you need by adding together all of your debt, estimated funeral expense and up to a year of income replacement.   Knowing your financial responsibilities can help you select the right policy for you.

-Keep it simple

Insurance planning doesn’t need to be over complicated.  The primary principle is to protect your family and their needs.  Know what your family may need to stay afloat if you were to die unexpectantly.   Do your own research and have an agent help you pick the policy that will best suit your needs.

Meet with your insurance representative today to discuss why purchasing life insurance is important and what kind of policy will best meet you and your family’s needs.