Dad with kids - Make sure kids get life insuranceOver $1 billion in benefits from forgotten or misplaced life insurance policies are waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners.  It is a common problem, but unclaimed death benefits don’t have to happen to your dependents once you pass away.  Make sure you family or beneficiaries are aware of your life insurance policy and what it entails to prevent unclaimed life insurance death benefits.

It is not only important to let your loved ones know what to expect from your policy when you pass away, but also which insurance company your policy is through.  They should also know who to contact about your life insurance policy in the case of your death.  Any documents relating to your life insurance policy should always be kept in an easy-to-find place for your beneficiaries to find.  If your beneficiaries don’t have the paperwork or don’t know about the policy, they won’t be able to collect the funds.

Talking about death with your loved ones can be an extremely uncomfortable subject, but you should always let them know your plans.  Communicating with them could save them a lot of time and stress during an already stressful time.